Pretend to play a part (Pavan)

A last-minute set of prompts from Pavan.


  1. Your 5 year old daughter is scared of cockroaches, and there is a huge cockroach in her room. You have to pretend you are not scared of cockroaches and try and get rid of it.
  2. You are an avid meat lover and are pretending to be vegan to impress a hot person you like. Both of you get invited to a barbecue, can you resist the temptation?
  3. You are a spy for your country but have fallen in love with a local. Do you sacrifice your country for your love or your love for your country?
  4. You have mentioned on your CV that you know AI and Machine learning without knowing anything about the subjects. You have been called for the interview, do you continue to pretend?
  5. Your mother-in-law who has made you miserable is diagnosed with a painful disease, do you pretend to care?
  6. For the hundredth time your boss has digressed from the meeting schedule to talk about his baby’s toilet training, how do you pretend to care.
  7. You have pretended to play the piano well to impress your fiance. You visit their family to find out they have a grand piano and expect you to play for them.
  8. A god man has been found guilty of all the things he has told his followers never to do…how does he defend himself?
  9. A liberal professor who has always advocated for progressive values is found to discriminate among his students based on caste…
  10. You are an atheist who has always pretended to be religious for the benefit of your family. Today you are to go to the temple and get branded in a bizarre ritual…
  11. You have pretended to be a good bride to be despite being a successful career woman, until the prospective groom asks you if you can cook daal like he like and you just snap…

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