Satire (Devanshu)


Write club 28/07/2018

Satire is a genre of literature, and sometimes graphic and performing arts, in which vices, follies, abuses, and shortcomings are held up to ridicule, ideally with the intent of shaming individuals, corporations, government, or society itself into improvement. Although satire is usually meant to be humorous, its greater purpose is often constructive social criticism, using wit to draw attention to both particular and wider issues in society.

A feature of satire is strong irony or sarcasm—”in satire, irony is militant”—but parody, burlesque, exaggeration,juxtaposition, comparison, analogy, and double entendre are all frequently used in satirical speech and writing. This “militant” irony or sarcasm often professes to approve of (or at least accept as natural) the very things the satirist wishes to attack.

Laughter is not an essential component of satire but …

“The rules of satire are such that it must do more than make you laugh. No matter how amusing it is, it doesn’t count unless you find yourself wincing a little even as you chuckle”

Satire has two forms Horatian and Juvenalian, the former is a playful criticism as in Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the latter is more contemptuous and abrasive take as in Animal Farm, Brave New World or Fight Club.

Keep in mind that if you’re going to use satire, you should also use caution. First, make sure it will be well-received. Know your listener(ie me). If they take themselves very seriously(I don’t) and seem a bit puritanical, satire may not go over well. It’s also important to ensure that your humor will be understood and taken well(I’ll take care to get offended). Not everyone ‘gets’ satire. Some may think you are poking fun at important issues. On the other hand, in the right(left leaning) crowd, satire can be amazing.

Most importantly, make sure you are actually using satire. It should be humor that is smart and funny. Try using word play. Make subtle references to details about your topic. Show that you’ve explored your subject matter thoroughly and that you understand it enough to explore the humorous or absurd side of it. Satire can be on current events And Politics, Pop Culture, Funny Things About Family LIfe,Historical Issues, anything in your life or a light hearted roast

Spare me for the incoming barrage of political prompts(1-10)


  1. “Soon to be No.1 in population and pollution’, you give a resounding speech on how India is ready compete with China after 2019 victory
  2. “India most dangerous country of women with sexual violence rife”-Reuters, you are a rich upper-class pampered cosmopolitan girl from South Mumbai who has had no issues and conclude the ranking is fallacious.
  3. Hurray!! With the aid of patriarchy and female foeticide we beat China’s sex ratio without it’s evil one child policy, the situation becomes so bad that Brahmin grooms are ready to marry Dalits and dowries are “reversed”.
  4. Your culture is now UNESCO approved to be best in the world, Your parents are the happiest you’ve ever seen. Your malayali crush of a hundred years just winked at you… could life be any better?
  5. Bengaluru, Hyderabad, New Delhi will run out of water in 2 years, but hey!!, you bath only once a week and that too with 101% pure Gangajal or Shudh Desi GoMutra
  6. You prove that everyone chanting “Waah Modiji Waah” leads to triple digit economic growth. You can’t believe that 6.9% of the country isn’t ready to do it.
  7. You are the first beaurocrat in the new Ministry for Nationalism. This is the easiest job you’ve ever had, your popularity surges and you decide to run for PM
  8. Chicken is now the sacred animal for a new religion called “Anda Bhakt” that’s gaining popularity. As a pure Chickenitarian you have to fight for your rights.
  9. The only inquilab India ever had was for Independence. As a grassroots level social media influencer you want to bring one in for…. ripped faded ultra slim-fit multi-colored bell bottomed jeans.
  10. As a businessman turned politician you are always on the lookout for an opportunity, sensing the trends, you open up an Insurance Company for Lynchings.
  11. Create a Humorous Profile About a Typical Student or ‘Townie’
  12. Satirize The Use of Social Media For Personal Branding
  13. Write a Guide on Enjoying Family Meals With Passive Aggressive Relatives or aunties who want to stuff you till death
  14. Oh the Joys of Colonization on The Indian Subcontinent (or) a of a socialist utopian India
  15. Satirize a Trip to a Popular Tourist Trap



Devanshu Koyalkar


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