Re-imagining Neighborhoods (Ankit Jha)

The goal of today’s exercise is simple. I want you to reimagined your neighbourhood in either a Scifi, Fantasy or Obscure setting. It could be your current area or city, your hometown, a foreign city you visited or read about. Make it beautiful & light or dark & dredgy, it’s up to you.
It will be easier and ideal, if you put the people you know and interact with in that setting. The useless person next door could be a superhero in your world, the irritated aunty is a partial android with a funky voice, or the religious institutions float making queues outside them vertical. This doesn’t need to be a social commentry or sla picture of the ideal, utopian world. I just need you to take your familiar elements, people, buildings, utility & transportation systems, and have fun in reconfiguring them.
You could stop here if this has been enough to trigger your imagination. Because the doctrine states that I need a writeup, so the rest of the entries below are just a series of ideas and prompts to get you going further. Just a warning, these are very mainstream prompts.
Prompts, triggers & forced scribbles:
1. A Mad Max-like setting, replacing cars with Royal Enfield, with the politicians you hate being Immortan Joe abd the others.
2. You are Batman, your partner is Catwoman, your sidekicks become Robin & Nightwing, fighting the local bullies Joker & Bane, with the help of the ever-nice Mr. Gordon and his daughter, Oracle.
3. The cyber punk setting of Altered Carbon, where all your consciousness ia stored in small devices attached to the base of your neck, and human bodies (called sleeves) are worn and thrown like clothes.
4. Fable is a dark fantasy comic series which reimagined all the characters of the famous children’s tales into a modern suburban setting. They live in a part of New York called Fabletown 8n hunam form, whose sheriff is the Big Bad Wolf, Snow White is the deputy mayor. Prince Charming is a playboy who lives off the money of his pursuits. Beauty and Beast are married and broke, but still try to live luxuriously. It even features Mowgli. You could use local or childhood stories to create a similar world. The movie Bright, starring will smith also had a similar setting with orcs & elves instead.
5. A tree society. If buildings were replaced withtall artificially synthesized trees in which people live and carry out commerce and at the center of the city was the biggest tree whose branches provide shade to the whole city.
6. The world’s of Minority Report, District 9, Westworld, Watwrworld can be used for your Scifi settings.
7. Take inspiration from Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Chronicle of Narnia for Fantasy.
8. Black Mirror, Stranger Things can or cannot come under Obscure. Really, there is no definition for it. A world where humans and ghosts live together and interact, or where people can become invisible with a snap of the fingers. It basically blues definitions, and cannot be placed in any such category.
9. Enough reading now, just write

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