Collaborative Writing (Ranjan’s Session)



  1. The objective is to come up with one complete story, as a group.
  2. Since you’re a team of 4, your story will consist of 4 different parts. Each team member must write one part.
  3. Each group member’s part will be marked out of 5 points.
  4. Each team member must contribute. If a member’s part is less than 200 words, the group gets 0 points for that part.
  5. You are allowed to modify this story in any way you please, or disregard this premise completely.


Storyline 1:

Lucky Lahiri is a top student at Lovely High School.

But unfortunately, he does not have a girlfriend/boyfriend. He has tried everything. Well, almost.

A mysterious figure appears in his life and he offers a strange, yet unconventional solution (love potion, love spell etc.). And now, Lucky is the hit amongst the women.

Two possible sources of conflict: 1. Hit amongst the women, but amongst a demographic he doesn’t want (teachers). 2. Hit amongst the women, but starts losing the respect of his peers and parents

What does Lucky do: will he make the right decision? And who was that mysterious figure?

Storyline 2:

Virat Kohli is close to breaking Sachin Tendulkar’s record of a hundred 100s in all competitions.

Sachin Tendulkar watches on from the stands nervously. How did it ever come to this? Kohli has no right to that record. He didn’t have to face the likes of Akram, Younis and Warne when he was 16.

(You’d think Sachin would try to assassinate him, wouldn’t you? Nothing that dramatic, I’m afraid. Plus Sachin considers himself a good man. And besides, wouldn’t a national scandal like that attract a lot of attention?).

Instead Sachin assembles a lethal squad of men, all virtual unknowns. He secretly trains them and sends them as undercover agents to various cricketing nations, where they shall somehow earn call ups to their national teams. Their objective: stop Kohli in his tracks. Do whatever it takes.

Little does Sachin know that one of the elite bowlers is actually an assassin.

(whoops, I lied)

Does Sachin find out before the assassin tries to kill Kohli? And what happens to the record?

Storyline 3:

You have just died on your hospital bed, and then, the next moment, you see your own body as the doctor are trying to revive you to life. But you know are well truly dead, because you are a ghost, looking down at your own lifeless body.

And then, your body comes back to life.

You are confused, how can this be?

And then you take one look at yourself: whatever is in your body, it’s not you.

The doctors are celebrating a miracle. You sense impending disaster. You need to warn your loved ones that that thing is not you, and you are actually dead.

And you need to stop this thing.


Storyline 4:

Thanos has gotten all the infinity stones, and has snapped his fingers. Half of the universe is now dead.

You are a normal IT employee in Bangalore, and right now your boss is hounding you on this deadline:

“Rahul, is the report ready?” “Rahul, what about the report?” “Rahul, I think we need to have a chat about your tendency to slack.”

You look up from your desk and you see your boss approaching, and by now you’ve had enough of him. Unknown to you, Thanos has snapped his fingers and now you begin disintegrating, and it’s the best thing that has ever happened to you. Your boss watches on in horror as you say your final words: “So long sucker!”

Your boss is angry. He needs that report done ASAP. And so he undertakes a quest to bring you back from the dead and do your job.

Storyline 5:

It turns out that our politicians are actually aliens in disguise and all their corruption money is being funnelled off to other planets.

You are the journalist at a local Marathi newspaper and you come across this information while conducting a solo sting operation on the Cabinet.

How will you break this story to the world? Virtually no one will believe you.


One day you get an anonymous phone call. They ask you to meet secretly. You oblige. It’s the Chief Minister’s wife, who has horror stories of her abusive alien husband.

You continue to get other anonymous tips from other women, all of whom desperately need help. How will you rescue these women and break the story to the world?

Storyline 6:

You are a mad evil scientist who wants to take over the world. But the trouble is you’re mad, so nobody takes you seriously. Many laugh you off. And since you’re evil, even eccentrics shun you.

You decide enough is enough.

You build a time machine and you go into various future timelines, convincing your future selves to join you in a journey to your present time. Soon, you have an army of yourself, ready to take over the world.

Your first order of business: to kill all the people who never took you seriously.



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