Devanshu’s Session on Magical Realism

Set your fantasies in the here and now and then, if challenged, claim to be writing Magical Realism. – Neil Gaiman

Any guesses on what might have been the topic for last Saturday’s, Write Club session?

Magical Realism, you say?

Well, absolutely. Aren’t you a regular prophet, my friend?

What is magical realism?

Devanshu did manage to whip out a fairly comprehensive handout on the topic. But being the fussy writers we are, we debated for almost twenty minutes, trying to figure out if Magical Realism is fantasy for dummies with limited imagination or is it embroiled in deeper meanings that allow the common man a hint of magic in their otherwise mundane life.

While our understanding of the topic was at best, debatable; the pieces that came out of the session were a surprisingly delightful brew, in the otherwise mundane world of the Terrace Cafe in Sana Plaza.

It started with Ankit’s piece about one heck of a frustrated truck that somehow wants its driver to develop a spine and care about its carbon footprint.

And then the magic moved on Ell P’s world (When I became a Therapy Dog) where werewolves are now the new therapy dogs, much to the chagrin of an exhausted single werewolf mom, who would rather run naked in the woods and eat everything on her path.

Anil, decidedly wrote a sci-fi, in the name of magical realism, but then you won’t find us complaining, because we totally enjoyed the mysteries on Ganymede.

Vishal, even though it was his second time in Write Club, created a fantasy kingdom all of his own. One where two warring tribes finally come face to face with their greatest nemesis, a magical crystal.

Anjali, threw us into a pre-independence era and brought us face to face with an adorable pair of twins, who can heal with hugs (Hugs That Heal). As if we needed any more incentive to hug babies.

Santosh, in his inimitable style of writing bizarre fiction, brought magic into a small town when the prodigal son returns only to find his family turned into animals, overnight.

Find the session material here.

And don’t forget to come next Saturday, Ankit is hosting, for the first time.

Photo Credit: Rob Gonsalves




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