Dear blog (Vaibhavi’s Sesssion on epistolary writing)

Dear blog,

Hope this finds you in the pink of your health. I write this after having attended Vaibhavi’s session on epistolary writing. That is the form of writing where the story is told in the form of letters or diary entries. Kind of like this letter I am writing to you right now. It was a great idea for a session, it felt nostalgic and fresh at the same time. Do you remember the last time you wrote a letter?

Though one wonders how long readers will be able to relate to characters writing letters to each other or making diary entries. Perhaps we should update the format to include email threads, chat conversations and blog entries. Those are the only epistolary formats the younger generations are likely to find.

Our write club members rose to the occasion, well atleast their pens did. There were several interesting letters that flew all over the place.

Both Anjali and Ankit really seemed to like the idea of a correspondence involving Kim Jong Un. Ankit’s piece (Satire Sense) saw a correspondence between a disgruntled journalist and Kim Jong Un, while Anjali’s piece (Quit Fooling Around Kimmy) was between Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump. Both the pieces were satirical and thought provoking.

Guru wrote a piece set somewhere in the future when the Himalayas are a technological stronghold and bitpaisa is about to become big.

Santosh’s piece was a heart touching tale of a disabled man trying to earn his degree and getting ripped off by a fraudulent coaching centre. It was written entirely in the form of emails and was true to the writing format.

Chethana’s piece was very faffy (in a good way), with a teenager writing letters to her sister somewhere. (I’ve Got You)

Kanjam wrote a long piece that had interesting metaphors and some haunting imagery. The reader realises towards the end that it is the memoir of a Jew in Auschwitz.

(Read Devanshu’s piece Water Crisis , Amel’s Piece Color of Water , Anil’s piece Long Time No See)

All in all, there were some great pieces of writing. The session made me want to write letters to people just for the heck of it. Now I have to figure out if they still make postcards.

Do take care until I write to you again, dear blog.

Your sincerely

The writer.

Session Material:



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