Peyotl (by Vaibhavi)

We call her Peyotl….the Sacred plant….she who watches over the tribe….

For us who worship her as a sacred being demands, she reveals the secret of life…The Truth is that nothing is ever what it seems at first glance…

For the ignorant she is not sacred….she is a means to what only appears to be sacred at first glance…..For those for whom pleasure is a religion and not a reward she is a demon..

No untruth can be hidden for long….even when an unpleasant truth is buried under the weight of centuries of beauty, and a romance gone terribly wrong….

We are the people of the Peyotl….The Forgotten Ones….

They say that History is written by the victors….To that we say that the judgement of history is passed by the vanquished….

The one truth that even beauty and pleasure cannot seduce into silence are the voices of the oppressed….

And so we speak now….five hundred years after an untruth became the gospel upon which reality was built…

The assumption that we were discovered….the lie that a stolen land can ever be Free and Brave….

For what bravery was cruelty and greed ever guilty of….

For what new truth can a liar ever discover….

They came, they saw, but they did not conquer….the rulers of the seas, and rapists of the land…

They vanquished, but never Discovered….

For one for whom the land is nothing more than  clump of closely packed gravel to be owned and bartered, Peyotl is not a deity to be propitiated….but a terror to be feared…

To Them, the secrets of this land will alway remain just that….secret….

For the fool who sees in land wealth, in wealth power, in love, lust, and in conquest discovery, Peyotl is the forbidden fruit of the Garden of Eden….All the knowledge of its fruit is bestowed by the blessing of the serpent, and must be snatched from the unwilling tree….

For nothing that is mined, grabbed, bartered or stolen from this land shall ever bring peace or true prosperity for those who believe the lies of the victors and ignore the whispers of the vanquished….

The secret lies in her….The Goddess Peyotl….For those who wish to find peace in this land of Plenty must pass her test….

For we who worship Peyotl she reveals the truth of every blade of every grass, and every grain of sand is a gateway to understanding of this land….

Which plants kill, which grant knowledge, which grant pleasure, which give happiness…which  cast love’s magic spell, and which condemn a fool to eternal misery.

which rivers give birth to knowledge, which forest pools take it away….Why do the bees leave the flowers untouched…why do the birds sing mournful songs in the churchyard, but chirp merrily in the sacred burial ground…

All this Peyotl once showed to we of the Tribe of the Forgotten…

Wall Street they call it….the place they consider sacred…for here dirt is turned into wealth at the point of a gun…And the name speaks a truth that Peyotl can reveal even to a fool…

For here are walls built in the mind….for here is a narrowness of perception peyotl can remedy only for a few brief moments for those engorged on lies…here happiness can only be bought but never earned….

On the streets of their mighty cities, on the exchanges built on the Rape of this land, in the citadels of knowledge built on a tombstone of lies Peyotl is sold for the price of security…. And they partake of her with a hunger born of ignorance….For the seller she brings illusory wealth at the cost of freedom…..for her worshippers she gives them pleasure at the cost of happiness….

And they barter the fools, lives traded for illusions, intelligence traded for lies….

And in all the many centuries that have passed since they discovered the illusory wealth of this land, and were seduced by the false pleasure an unschooled mind finds in Peyotl, they have learned nothing….neither of the true wealth of this land, not of the real power of Peyotl.

And they continue to worship without devotion, to seek knowledge without truth…

For all that they call this the home of the Free, and the Land of the Brave, It has become the truth that they have denied for five centuries…

They dose themselves of Peyotl to find the courage to face the emptiness of each day.

They gorge themselves on the sacred fumes to free themselves from the suffocating weight of the burden that stolen wealth places upon the conscience…

She fights the battle of the vanquished, whispers the stories of the voices of those that history and cruelty have silenced.

For until the sacred Peyotl is mastered, the victims of the Great Lie will remain undead….their ghosts will walk the tainted streets, their sadness will rob every moment of happiness of its pleasure…

They may have slain the unarmed, enslaved the unskilled, and robbed the unwary, but how shall they pass the test of Peyotl….For when none remain to speak of what happened to those who once worshipped her and knew her secrets, all that remains to keep the truth alive, is Peyotl, guardian of the Land….

For history may be written by the victors, but the final judgement belongs to the Vanquished….



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