Guru’s session on Addictions

Guru’s session dealt with all kinds of addictions, and its impact on literature.  His material had a very very exhaustive list! I am going to list it out just for the kicks:

Alchohol. Tobacco, Opioids, Prescription drugs, Cocaine, Cannabis, Amphetiamines, Hallucinogens, Kleptomania (Stealing), Pyromania (Fire), Gambling, Food, Sex, Porn, Computers, Internet, Workaholic, Exercise, Spiritual Obsession, Shopping, Pain.


And if you think Write club cannot find or make up some of our own addictions, read on.

Anyway, the material got all of us going, discussion wise. Literature that deals with addictions, character arcs that are affected, and even some personal stories and insights on the subject.

Pavan’s piece  Eat Your Cake, Alice,  took an interesting look at one of my favorite childhood tales, Alice in wonderland, and the truth behind some of that crazy story telling.  What was up with Alice, really?

Anil’s piece, The Vial, is a wonderful piece of writing that questions whether we are humans at all, and not just pre-programmed robots.

And why should addictions be restricted to humans?  What about machines?  For the sci-fi lovers, Vishal’s Dream Coasting can get your brains tickling!

Vaibhavi’s piece Piote, talked about a strange hallucinogenic plant that had been declared a sacred goddess.

VJ wrote an interesting piece about porn addiction, that captured some interesting behavioral quirks.

Nilanjan’s piece Darkness and Krace’s piece: Addiction dealt with addiction at a more relatable, everyday level.

Check out his material here.

Vaibhavi hosts the session next week.



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