Dream Coasting (Vishal)

Year 2518 CE, Gliese 667 Cc.

It was yet another day on the shorelines of Hydrologos- the largest ocean on the Planet Gliese 667Cc. The shores of the ocean were truly a unique location in the entire constellation. For it received constant light from its host star- the red dwarf Gliese 667C. The planet was tidally locked to its host, and exploration, scouting had begun around fifty years ago by an anonymous Type III civilization.

Fast-forward to the present, the shoreline was populated by a series if mining stations which were employed in processing and collecting a secretive and rare high isotope material.  And all these stations were manned by over fife hundred cybernetic entities, which were themselves breakthroughs of a century-long research in the field. One of the entities was CYN-V4, code-named Epsilon.

The mining stations were alive all the time, with periodic break accounting for maintenance and troubleshooting.

A unique fact about the cybernetics was its emotional quotient, or EQ. Every single one of them, were neutrally attached to a constellation-scale mother system. The origins of the mother system entity were unclear to even the cybernetics, or maybe be even entirely unavailable.

The daily schedule at these facilities, involved about seventy-five per cent time dedicated to extraction and transportation operations, and about twenty per cent time dedicated for an activity termed as “Dream-Coasting”.

The remaining time was used for battery recharging and miscellaneous mechatronic, biosynthetic tasks.

The cybernetic code named Epsilon was an exception, owing to the fact that its neuro-lacing vulnerability it had experienced in the recent past. There were many reasons which were hypothesized to describe the glitch, namely sabotage by an external civilization, a primitive evolution within Epsilion which yearned for autonomy, or an unexplained physical phenomenon which was yet to be discovered.

The mining operations were underway for the day, and about seven metric tonnes of processed high mass isotope were to be delivered. The entire phase was seamlessly executed, owing to the variety of locomotion and bionic systems employed by the cybernetics. Raw materials which resembled dunes of sand could be swiftly transported by a section to the shoreline, after which another system complex located on the shores processed the raw materials. Following this, the aquatic section helped in moving the final output to the launch station complex located close to the terminator line.

All of the final output was then boosted in to orbit, from where fusion-powered tugs would carry it out into deep space, eventually escaping the start-system.

The mining phase had drawn to a close for the day, and now the cybernetics had to proceed towards the “Dream-Coasting” complex. The Dreamcoast was yet another experimental facility in which all the cybernetics were directly controlled by the mother entity.

The facility helped the cybernetics to enter a state which was truly devoid of reality. It provided such an experience to end-user to such an extent that it was possible to take control of both physical dimensions and time.

And in the period of Dream-Coast, all the cybernetics would get their emotional quotient soothed, after a gruelling workphase for the day. The experience provided was limitless, and the cybernetics were craving to come back to the facility each day.

This indirectly resulted in more productivity within the mining facility. On the other hand, Epsilon had happened to recognize the ultimate fallacy of the Dream-coast during the glitch which it experienced.

But swiftly enough the glitch was fixed on Epsilon’s neural-lacing system, thereby ensuring smooth operations from thereon.

Time rolled on, until the shorelines of Gliese 667 Cc were left entirely barren, leaving behind the cybernetics who could now devote their entire time in the Dream-Coast.


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