Nikita’s session on O’Henry Endings and Sentimental Short Stories

I seemed to have missed Nikita’s bitter-sweet session of O’Henry tales, which seems to have churned out interesting pieces. When write club does it, it always has its own touch of new age morbidity and the Indian touch.  You can find the material here.  I personally  loved Anil‘s piece, cutely named Gift of Maggie, which has the innocent heartrending point of view of a young boy, in the face of violent circumstances. Excellent use of technique and skilled writing.

Anjali/Hyperpanchi, my ever faithful and industrious scribe, has given me the write up.  You can find read her piece Winged Dreams.  which features a naive 25-year old teacher’s, and her reality check when the slums become her classroom.

Here is the rest of Anjali’s summary:

Nikita’s session was to write O’Henry endings and sentimental short stories. It had a mini exercise on microfiction where we were required to write a tweet sized piece.

The next exercise was to write a short story with all the elements of O’Henry’s writing:

Sriram story, Sundays, begins quite normally, a husband-and-wife duo preparing for the aged mother’s visit. The wife is cheeky (“Keep her busy”), the husband chide’s the mother for walking.  And the twists lands perfectly.

Arjun Shetty’s piece started out with “Roger had no skills or talents or admirable qualities.” It was funny, engaging and most suitable for high school textbooks in my opinion. Read The Redemption of Roger

Yedu stuck to his unusual style and wrote about a homeless man who bred rats, literally. This man has the knack to gross out and thrill the best of us. Read Puff Piece (By Yedu)

Ankit Jha, wrote a piece titled “Dinnertime” which started out as a conversion between friends and ended with something quite scandalous. Read Dinner Time.

Vaibhavi wrote a piece on the city Granada in Spain. It captured the essence of this war torn city from the lens of a romantic. She managed to beautifully personify the spirit of the city and made us fall in love over again.

Ankit read out his piece for the first time. His story was set up Mumbai and revolved around three ordinary people and how their lives were intertwined.

Sampath a first timer read his piece despite some hesitation. Set up in the era or Indian independence and a time leap to present day, his piece was a light hearted satire on the most popular politician in the country today. *wink wink*.  Another first timer Akshay wrote a piece on an ordinary woman who found herself obsessively stalking a man on social media.

Guru wrote a touching piece about a friendship that had survived the Indo-Pak partition and the test of time.

Santosh wrote a slightly long piece which had all the key ingredients of an O’Henry story..

Overall, the session challenged us to write using more than one technique in our piece. I enjoyed the session and would like to congratulate Nikita for pushing us out of our comfort zone.


Next week, Guru hosts the session.



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