Ranjan’s session on Combat and Basics of Writing

For his session this Saturday, this geeky loon Ranjan actually turned up with a cane in his arms for the topic of Combat!  He brandished it around (all in good humor, of course), demanding blood and fist fights and and finally ‘please do not wuss out on me, guys’.

Even his material (which you can find here) bought out his love for medieval drama, with story telling innkeepers, brandishing arms, tempers that were ready to flare, and a fair share of ‘my liege’ and similar ancient vocab thrown around.  The uniqueness of his session was that he set the premise for you: a character Derek, trying to retrieve an emerald to save his son (ya, connect the dots, people), with cruel guards and Gods all around.  Use magic, was his instruction, and lots of blood and gore.  Another plus of his session was how he weaved the essentials of writing into it, using his own writing as examples of what to do and not to do.  I like it that he wrote his material from scratch.  Great Job, Ranjan!

I think it was Sreeram, a first timer at write club with a book (Kalyug) in his kitty, who created a piece that stitched all the elements: combat, technique, and that medieval tone,  brilliantly together.  Here is his piece.

In the category of entertainers, Guru and LP made excellent entries. For the female crowd (perhaps irked by the testosterone overdose and the absence of female prompts), LP pulled out a crowd puller, with Derika, fighting an Amazonian Princess Ina, in a bloody battle that puts the word cat fight to delicious shame, even as she brought out some excellent humor and homosexual tension, that left the PC brigade screaming, “but what about consent!”.  Well, consent be damned, and so here is The Duel of Derika.

Guru cast Derek in the role of a 3-legged Rottweiler, and brought the combat to the streets of Lane number 11, for the leading lady in heat.  My pestering for his piece has not yielded results yet, but hope to see it soon.

Our in-house poet Shubh, captures the dilemma of Brutus in The second death of Ceaser.

Ankit has sent in his piece, which features an irate innkeeper more concerned about his customers than the two duelers, who were quite frankly scaring the customers away and affecting his business.  See his piece Sumarai vs Knight here.

Next week, Nikitha hosts the session.


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