Yedu’s session on Kafkesque

Yedu’s session on Kafkaesque, which happened three write clubs ago,  is something that is still being talked about. Yedu is a promising new entry to write club, with a cynical wit that is sharp and a nihilistic style that is painfully observant of human existence.  He’s not yet keyed in on the copy-paste culture,  and has hence written his material from scratch.

I wasn’t around for the session, but having heard about it so much later on, I got Anjali (Hyperpanchi) to give me a write up.  Its quirky, just like her. So here goes.

The idea was to create a surreal, cruel and sad world where absurd and illogical events happen to the characters and they can do nothing about it.

One of the first timers named Kanjam wrote one of the longest pieces I’ve heard at WC. His piece started with “stand in the ashes, stand in the ashes” and was about a soldier who had left his pregnant wife behind to serve his country. Very touching.

Chethana used one of the prompts. The protagonist, Madhu is a pathological liar and off late, every time he lies an old man on a wheelchair shows up out of nowhere and slow claps for 10 seconds
Another first timer named Tejaswini wrote a stream of consciousness piece describing her struggle to achieve the cognitive level of self and how she only manages to stay mediocre.  (No idea what that meant, though 😐)
 I (Anjali) wrote a story where the government has declared to levy taxes on high morality index and my protagonist who is 68 is stripped off of his property and turned into a homeless cow because he has been a very good man😁.  Check it out Morality Tax.
Read also Aditya’s piece Primal.
Overall the session seemed to mirror the weather that afternoon. The pieces were all full of surreal worlds, gloom and the protagonists battling with the system with no victory in sight.
Devanshu, the curious IITian is hosting next week.
Session Material: Being Kafkaesque (Yedu)

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