Meetup 333 – Devanshu’s session on Imaginary Friends…and Foes

Looks like this week’s session was a blast.  Three pieces already on their respective blogs.  Great job Devanshu, and I’m feeling terrible that I missed it.  Others can post their links in the comments.

We’ve all seen imaginary friends in literature.  Hobbes, with his humorous wisdom, Algernon’s friend Bunbury (from Importance of Being Earnest) who always falls ill exactly when Algernon needs to be present at dull social function.  Devanshu’s session covered this topic, and here is the material. I heard it was lovely (I couldn’t attend it myself as I was away on a Kayaking trip). But I managed to read some of the pieces.

The Prisoner  – In Navoneil‘s lyrical poetic style, this is a story of a man engulfed by his lover and friend Time…so much that he seems a prisoner of it….literally.

Madhwa Maya – HyperPanchi/Anjali’s piece A teachers unique method of answering tough questions, by asking the expert seated beside him who is totally imaginary! Hilarious take on Indian Gurus. 

Kill Your DarlingsPavan‘s story is brilliant in execution. Breakup’s are always tough, especially if you are still madly in love. But to have to kill your darling, for whatever reason is pure torture, especially when she tries to beg and seduce her way out of it. Heart wrenching. And of course there is a twist. Pavan’s story will leave you awestruck.

Session Material –  Find Devanshu’s Materal Here.



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