On Imaginary Friends/Foe

The aim of today’s session is to write a story in which the protagonist creates an imaginary friend/foe.  The imaginary friend might be a manifestation of subconscious. Such a friend may help out the main character in making decisions. They may have different characteristics that may complement the protagonist’s thoughts. One could create such character when they can’t make real world connections. Or a inanimate
object may become a friend. The protagonist might be a kid who makes characters out of toys or a adult like Ryan Gosling in Liars and the Real Girl

Hobbes in Calvin and Hobbes

Hobbes is seen in two differentiating perspectives. Calvin perceives him as a live Tiger and a best friend, capable of speech and independent action. To everybody else, he is an inanimate stuffed tiger. Hobbes is often shown to be smarter and wiser than Calvin when he is perceived as a real tiger. He is seen reading more often than his owner and attempts to be the voice of reason when Calvin tries to perform a risky stunt or engage in a dubious scheme. Hobbes’ advice often falls on deaf ears with Calvin, who usually ignores his reasoning and winds up getting in trouble for his actions. Because of this, some fans say that Hobbes represents Calvin’s conscience

The creeping woman in The yellow wallpaper
The Yellow wallpaper is a series of diary entries in which a pregnant woman suffering from postpartum depression. She is socially isolated by her physician husband who keeps her in a room having a yellow wallpaper in their newly moved-in house. As part of her cure, the narrator is forbidden from pursuing any activity, even domestic work, so as not to tax her mind.

The narrator’s depression and fatigue continue to worsen. Her fascination with the wallpaper takes over her life. In a series of increasingly short diary entries, she describes her progress in uncovering the secrets of its pattern, as she grows increasingly paranoid about the intentions of her husband and his sister who comes over to help. She believes that the figure is a creeping woman, trapped behind the bars of the top pattern, and becomes determined to free her, and to keep the secret of her existence from her
husband and his sister. The wallpaper in a sense is a allegory of her own situation. At the end she tears down the wallpaper ass he is convinced that she is the woman who is trapped behind the wallpaper

Bunbury from Importance of being earnest
Imaginary friends are there to take the heat for us. They can be blamed for the accidents we have. ‘I didn’t break the vase, Mum, it was Rudger,’ for example. Algernon Moncrieff’s non-existent invalid friend Bunbury serves the same function, allowing him to get out of dull social affairs. Invalid friends in the country do this. We should all have one. [3]

Writing Prompts

  1. After a fracture and complete bed-rest little Devi becomes attached to his Teddy “bhola” and treats him as an equal organism with feelings and can’t bear with how the world doesn’t recognise this.
  2. Bindu’s parents can’t afford a puppy. After seeing r/aww, imgur and fb she desperately wants one. As a consolidation her parents give her a stuffed dog. This stuffed toy “Shonu” becomes her new “pupper”.
  3. After a breakup Rajesh decides to go completely off the social media and takes a long Eurotrip. Unexpectedly(alas he doesn’t speak French) he becomes lonely, he begins to treat his sub-conscious as a character and in his mind begins to have conversations between his conscious self and subconscious
  4. Sheela is a very extroverted girl who has just moved to Vishakapatnam, she can’t speak Telugu and has a hard time making friends. While her parents start asking about her, she creates Aditi who is an introverted manifestation of what she has become plus qualities she wish she had and ones her parents
    want her to have. What happens at parent-teacher meet?
  5. After a painful miscarriage, Mahankali finds signs of another woman in their newly moved-in bungalow wanting to talk to her.
  6. Kama who is sexually frustrated, brings in a male sex doll moksh , soon she gets emotionally attached to him as he is the only one that truly listens to her.
  7. Saurabh has just switched companies and moved to a financial firm in New York, He quickly learns that people have huge personal spaces and deeply misses small talk that he’d have with just about anyone in Bangalore. As he struggles with debugging, he tries rubber duck debugging, quickly “ducky” becomes hisbest bud.
  8. After reading multiple self help/religious books by a now dead author, Rudrakshi begins to invoke the thoughts she read so frequently that now she begins talking to the author.

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