Welcome to Write Club

So we have survived 331 Meetups! From the conference room days, to the terrace of Sana Plaza, all of us have trudged through, and had a load of fun, if I may add, made friends, and most importantly, learnt to write. We don’t have any of our founding members with us anymore,  other than our ever-famous writer (and mentor for many of us) Sharath and the dear patron Vijay (of Salmon Leap), thanks to whom we have all reached a level in this beautiful and soulful craft of writing.

The group thrives on a self-driven format that is its strength.  Every Saturday, at 2:00 PM, we gather, and a host (appointed the previous week) conducts the session, provides exercises, and allocates time to write and read.  As a group, we listen to the writings, give our thoughts and feedback.  At 5, we disperse to a coffee shop (which is Adigas at present), and discuss writing, reading, and everything else under the sun.

Write Club Bangalore

Bangalore, IN
3,016 Bangalore writers

Write Club Bangalore, at the time of this writing, has survived (some would say thrived) for 237 weeks. When it was first conceived, the founders wanted it to be a place where…

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