Meetup 332 – Anil’s session on Monologues

Monologues have always been seen as a poorer cousin of dialogues by us writers.

With that introduction, Anil took us through a session that took us through various monologues in writing, essentially a quick primer to Shakespear.  The link to his material can be found below.

My takeaway was essentially that monologues are tools used by characters in your story, often to convince the audience listening to him, of his (often twisted) point of view.

These are the ones that I remember:

Anjali set the tone, with a piece featuring the manufacturer of beauty products arguing with an animal rights activist on why he needed to test the beauty products on the animals to ensure that all these lovely ladies stayed safe.

Karthik, with his classic sense of humor, had a piece with Jack (from Titanic) standing at the pearly gates, questioning God on why he was being sent to hell, when he’d been the perfect romantic, giving up the sinking door to his sweetheart.

Ashwin‘s piece was funny, with a very narcisstic boss delivering the pink slip to his team in quite the unique way.

Pavan had Aziz Ansari take the podium, lashing out against the #metoo crisis.

Yedu’s piece had a nihilistic teenager, turning the table on his therapist.

And I wrote a piece that featured a man convincing the townsmen on why there was no need to worry about his missing wife.

All in all, it was a wonderful session.  Next week, Yedu, will be hosting the session. Yedu, is one of our upcoming members who has been delivering very powerful pieces. I’m curious to know how that goes. See you all.

Check out the session material below:

To Wield a Monologue


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